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One of the most beautiful day of your life

A wedding is no doubt one of the most romantic and memorable thing you will ever do; so, if you are planning to get married you will surely want it to be that way. If so, there are a number of things that you should first consider. The first one is taking pictures; you need take pictures to make the event forever cherish memories. That is why it is important to consider hiring a professional wedding photographer for your French Riviera wedding.

Many couples wonder why they need to opt-in for professional wedding photography. The truth is when examining the benefits a wedding photographer French Riviera like Gilles Perbal a French wedding photographer, you will likely be pleased with what you will get. Gilles Perbal is not just any person with a camera. He is a trained professional, with professional equipment.

In addition to the type of equipment used, he knows what shots are the best. Your friend or relative will not be aware of the type of pictures and the moments that are important to you. But, with Gilles Perbal you don’t have to say anything, he knows what you want. Many couples are pleased not only with the quality of the photographs, but the pictures that were taken. Hiring he guarantees that you will surely get the results that you were promised or looking for. Also, some professional photographers will let you view sample prints of your photographs and then allow you to choose the ones that you want. This may end up preventing you from having to pay for pictures that you do not approve of.

As you can see, there are a number of different benefits to using the services of Gilles Perbal. Obtaining high-quality wedding photography services from a professional wedding photographer French Riviera should be on the top of the list of wedding couples who are thinking of preserving all those memorable moments of their wedding. These benefits include professional service, experience and ability to create different wedding packages that will suit a wedding couple’s preferences.

You celebrate your wedding on the French Riviera at Nice, Cannes, Antibes, i’m the photographer for you.

Why choose me for your wedding day?

I’m a french wedding photographer based in south of France and i’m specialize in the wedding. I love my job, i do that since 25 years. I was given the tittle of Portraitist of France 2017 and medallist of the French photography.

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